What Is Underneath?

Gili, our goodwill ambassador, has a message for everyone today:

Summer haircuts. They’re not my favorite! My wonderfully soft fur that everyone tells me is so fabulous and adorable is mercilessly mowed down by ravenous clippers. What is underneath? A little worm? I am unrecognizable!

Before …
… and after!

I shared these sentiments with my dear friend Miss Stephanie, whom I count among my long list of admirers, and she said something really helpful and insightful:

“Mr. Gili, please understand your beauty and worth are not in your luxurious fur but in your sweet soul.”

Miss Stephanie is right, of course, and not just about me, goodwill ambassador for ScriptAcuity Studio, but about everyone. Let us all try to remember to truly see one another. What is underneath the exteriors of those you meet?

We all share this planet, and we are all trying to live a happy life. We make it easier for ourselves and one another to do so when we offer kindness first.

Let me know what you think. E-mail me at gili@scriptacuity.com.