Our Team

In 2009, Sara founded ScriptAcuity Studio (SAS), which specializes in critique and preparation of manuscripts, website content, and professional documentation as well as copy writing. Chris joined SAS in 2011. They have edited hundreds of manuscripts encompassing a wide variety of genres and have provided services for clients around the world. They hold degrees in English, writing, and psychology and have extensive experience in media relations, corporate communications, and collegiate-level English tutoring.

Contact us at editors@scriptacuity.com.

Gili joined SAS in 2017 and serves as the goodwill ambassador. He steadfastly champions the mission of creating excellent work in a positive, productive, efficient, and healthy environment, and he regularly encourages the importance of a meaningful work-life balance. His diligent efforts add immeasurable value.

Contact Gili at gili@scriptacuity.com.

SAS is passionate about environmental conservation, sustainable living, and responsible guardianship of the natural world.