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“I confess that the copy editors, Sara and Chris, deserve induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

E. Jean Carroll, author of What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal

“Dorion and Josh would both like to give a special thanks to . . . the copy editors, Sara and Chris, whose professional expertise and attention to detail have contributed so much to making this book what it is.”

Josh Mitteldorf and Dorion Sagan, authors of Cracking the Aging Code

“I am grateful to . . . Sara and Chris for carefully copyediting [Go Back Where You Came From].

Sasha Polakow-Suransky, author of Go Back Where You Came From

“My copyeditors, Sara and Chris, have been unbelievably thorough and supportive.”

Dr. Azra Raza, author of The First Cell

“I am grateful to . . . the copyediting team, Sara and Chris from ScriptAcuity.”

Alex Dehgan, author of The Snow Leopard Project

“Thanks to the entire team at St. Martin’s Press . . . and to my eagle-eyed copy editors, Sara and Chris.”

Joseph Helmreich, author of The Return

“[To] Chris and Sara, our diligent copy editors, who made the editing process fun and easy.”

Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin, authors of Husbands That Cook

“Thanks to Sara and Chris of ScriptAcuity Studio.”

Edie Windsor with Joshua Lyon, authors of A Wild and Precious Life

“Sara and Chris, copy editors. You guys make me look good!”

Kate Rope, author of Strong as a Mother

“Aid to my effort in these pages was provided by the extraordinary copy editor, Sara Robb.”

Michael D’Antonio, author of The Hunting of Hillary

“Thank you to the gang at Flatiron . . . and to Sara Robb for the superb edit.”

Mark Lamprell, author of The Lovers’ Guide to Rome

“A special thanks also to my talented copy editor, Sara Robb, for her careful eye and insightful comments.”

Naomi Ragen, author of An Unorthodox Match

“Only a writer knows how easy it is to embarrass oneself in print, so thanks to Sara Robb, my copy editor . . . your work allows me to hold my head up in public.”

John Hart, author of The Unwilling

“To Michael Flamini, Gwen Hawkes, Sara Robb, and the editors at St. Martin’s Press, thank you for the countless hours reviewing chapters and providing valuable feedback.”

Tiffany Haas, author of Waiting in the Wings

“I’m thankful to copy editor Sara Robb . . . and the rest of the St. Martin’s Press / Thomas Dunne team.”

Claire Humphrey, author of Spells of Blood and Kin

“I liked the edited version of my memoir very much … my sincerest thanks for a professional edit of Long Journey Home.”

Lucy Lipiner, author of Lusia’s Long Journey Home: A Young Girl’s Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust, Foreword Reviews’ 2013 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sara. Her edits and suggestions were powerful and made my words shine! I can’t wait to work with Sara again!”

Jennifer Myers, author of Trafficking the Good Life and Salon magazine cover-story article “I Lived Orange Is the New Black—Now I’m Going to Watch It.”


“Sara and Chris are, in a word, amazing. They are the editorial equivalent of the Dream Team. They are fast, reliable, and among the nicest people on the planet. You can tell they care deeply about books and helping authors put their best work out there. I had hired them to edit several of my clients’ books and was impressed by the quality of their work and their professionalism. One of my clients wept tears of relief and joy after Sara and Chris edited her novel. I will definitely use their services again and encourage others to seek out their help. You will not regret it.”

Naomi Long, owner of The Artful Editor


“Editors are the lifeguards of our books, and we work with ScriptAcuity Studio because they are professionals we can trust. Their commitment to efficient turnarounds and their extensive knowledge of CMOS make them our first choice with many of our projects. On top of that, Chris and Sara are enjoyable to work with, injecting warmth into every interaction. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Lily Coyle, director of publishing, Beaver’s Pond Press


“The editors at ScriptAcuity Studio are incredibly detailed, fast, honest, and so helpful from the beginning of the process to the time the book is published. They edited my proposal for Shake, Rattle, and Shoot: The Business of Baby Photography—which was picked up and published by Cengage Publishing—and both of my self-published books, Diving Doggies: A Celebration of Play Underwater and PigWrecked. Their professionalism is beyond words, and the manuscripts come back with corrections, reference citations, and suggestions. I can’t thank them enough for pouring their hearts and souls and all of their knowledge into editing our books. They took our thoughts and ideas and made manuscripts for others to enjoy—we are forever grateful to them for all of their hard work and for genuinely caring about our books!”

Brooke Mayo, author of Diving Doggies: A Celebration of Play Underwater, Shake, Rattle, and Shoot: The Business of Baby Photography, and PigWrecked